Things You Should Know Before Taking Admission In Executive MBA

Things You Should Know Before Taking Admission In Executive MBA

Things You Should Know Before Taking Admission In Executive MBA

Executive MBA or EMBA is a one-year post-graduate programme offered by various universities for working professionals. The person should have working experience of at least 5 years. The program is similar to a regular MBA programme. The difference is only that regular is preferred by fresher’s and is a full-time programme. Executive MBA helps the person find greater opportunities and with very good packages. This programme is more suitable for managers and middle management who further want to enhance their skills. Apart from their daily job, they can easily undergo executive MBA distance learning programme. Choosing the right EMBA programme is a must. There are certain things one should keep in mind before taking admission in the EMBA programme; these are as follows:


  1. Schedule of executive MBA programme: Before choosing the EMBA programme, one should confirm the schedule of the programme. It must go well with the individual’s working and personal life. Therefore, schedule consideration is important before going for an EMBA programme.

  2. Structure, course, content and faculty: Make sure that the course and content offered are in line with the current environment and up to date. Also, it should be offered by the best faculty who have relevant experience in their respective fields. The quality of education should be top-notch.

  3. Cost of programme and ROI from the same: Financial consideration is very important before going for any programme. Before finalising any executive MBA program, make sure that the cost involved and the returns from the same are well balanced. Some programs have a high fee structure and low returns. One should consider all the cost and return related factors before finalising the programme.

  4. Non-tangible ROI of the programme: Apart from the financial considerations, one should look out for the non-tangible benefits from the same. Make sure the business school has a good connection with companies, have a sound alumni base and other such factors. If such things are relevant one should go for the programme. Such intangible aspects are useful in grooming the overall personality of the person and how he comes out after the course.

  5. International exposure and diversity: such courses and programmes provide international exposures as well. One may not get to interact with them on a regular basis or travel internationally during the course but develops such connections. There are students enrolled from various diversities which further provide exposure to the candidates. Such international exposure and diversity help the individuals to stand out.


EMBA is a great step towards a more professional career of an individual. Various universities offer distance executive MBA programs to the candidates looking out for same. Each candidate looking out for any such course has their requirements according to their current jobs. They such be sure of the investment to be made and returns from the same. Apart from their current knowledge, they get to enhance their skills, such as leadership, management. They also get knowledge about other disciplines such as marketing, finance, human resource and many others.


Thus, keeping in mind all these factors shall select the EMBA program that best suits them.

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