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Training and learning is a continuous process in the technology world. Exploring effective ways of learning, online training is considered as the best way for new-age learners. Catering to growing numbers and varied learning needs, online courses opens us to a world of possibilities.


2 Months

Are you a photographer, graphic, or web designer, who wants to learn image editing techniques? Join and explore this short-term certificate course in Photoshop from one of the best multimedia institutes in Delhi.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is a public engineering institution located in Delhi, India. It is one of the IITs along with other Indian Institutes of Technology institutions in India

National Institute of Disaster Management in partnership with the World Bank (GFDRR), Washington offers a series of Online Courses on Disaster Management.

The aim of these programmes is to raise the level of awareness and preparedness as well as to enhance analytical skills and professional competencies of different key stakeholders in various areas of Disaster Risk Management. The NIDM online courses are first of its kind in India which help different users in acquiring knowledge base in the subject. The courses also facilitate participants to globally share their views, ideas and information on a common platform.

The courses provide excellent opportunities to learn about the Disaster Risk Reduction under professional guidance. The training materials in the form of CDs are sent through post which may also be accessed through online course platform. The programmes include discussions, queries, clarifications, assignments and end-of-course projects which are evaluated by experienced course facilitators. Successful candidates are provided certificates jointly issued by the NIDM and the World Bank (GFDRR).

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