Regular MBA/PGDM course in NMIMS

About MBA

MBA is essential for updating the professional skills of the individuals who are related to the business industries. If any individuals have the degree the MBA, then this candidate has a great chance of increasing the salary structure which is significant of that particular post. After certain qualification, every individual wants to complete the degree of MBA for increasing the educational skills. The MBA holder individuals can provide an innovative business idea as well as can have the ability to create significant business strategies.

Background of NMIMS and Regular MBA course:

NMIMS is India’s most well-known institute which h offers the regular MBA course. In the year 1981, this institute was founded. NMIMS offers the full-time course of MBA for 2 years to the individuals who are willing for doing the MBA course. It is one of the high ranked institutes of management in India. In this institute several specializations rate available for the course of regular MBA, which are such as Information system, Finance, Decision Sciences, Operations, Marketing, HR management, and Pharmaceutical Management. In this institute, the fees structure is different for different specialization. NMIMS also offers the MBA course in the subject of Business Administration.  This institute also offers the PG diploma cause in Management. It provides very significant lectures to individuals. In this institute, the lecturers clearly declare the pros and cons of the degree and the institute as well and for this reason, the individuals can have the other choices before getting admission in this institute. NMIMS also conducts the session of job campus for the individuals at the last session of the course. The individuals cover the examination with very significant marks in this institute. The individuals can have the detail information regarding the admission program from the website of this institute. The individuals need to qualify the entrance examination of NMAT and every year; the institute conducts this entrance examination program. After qualifying this examination with the great mark, the individuals need to fill the form of application and submit the form with the individuals’ essential documents. If the individuals have any previous professional experience then they can attach this certificate to the application form of a regular MBA course. If the individuals want to apply for the NMAT examination, then they need to visit for registering their name and after completing the registration. After this, the individuals can see an application form and they need to fill this form. After some days the candidate can have the admit card for the NMAT examination which is essential for both the candidate and the examination also.

Educational criteria for the MBA course:

The minimum qualification of the individuals is they need to have the degree of graduation in the business related subject with the significant number.

If the candidates have any queries regarding the institute and the course then they can visit the mentioned website which is or can share their status in the mentioned email id which is  The customer care services can help the candidate to solve any query.

Is placement assistance a fake promise while taking admission in distance MBA/ PGDM?

During taking admission for the distance PGDM and MBA course, most of the institutes promise that they will provide the best placement opportunity to the students in the future, however, sometimes it becomes the fake promise. It is one of the main concern for the students that after completing the course of Distance PGDM or Distance MBA, they have proper placement or not for pursuing their career. Most of the students think that those students who hold the MBA degree have the direct chances of employment.  Every student expects that they have a better employment in the future after completing the course of the distance PGDM or MBA. Distance learning course also has advantages as well as disadvantages like everything. Distance course of PGDM and MBA is not able to develop the overall personality of the students. Basically, after finishing the course of distance MBA, the students are able to get the opportunities for pursuing the career in the sectors Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Insurance, Risk Management, and Accounting. In these sectors, the designation of the students is the corporate associate, manager, portfolio manager, HR manager, finance analyst, brand manager, ER manager, sales manager, and many others. Sometimes, the students do not get the best opportunity that is due to the bad performances or bad results of the students. After completing the course of distance PGDM, the students are able to fetch the overseas jobs in the sector of export-import, consultancy, shipping, and also they have the jobs in logistics as well as international sector. Some few institutes such as IIM, NMIMS, IMT, Symbiosis provides the opportunity of placement offer to the students so that they can pursue their career along with their skills. The job placement of the students is done on the basis of their performances and their skills, not any institute of distance PGDM and MBA courses do fake promises during the admission period of the students. Most of the students have got the job after finishing the course of Distance PGDM and Distance MBA from the renowned Business schools or colleges. At the initial stage the students get the offered for the internship and after internship, they start their job career. However, the promotion of the candidate happens on the basis of the candidate’ regular performance. The principal point to be considered is that MBA through separation mode is useful just when you are working. The chief point to be considered is that MBA through division mode is helpful exactly when you are working. One can't depend upon this degree for circumstances without having work association or an occupation close by. Likewise in some separation colleges, they themselves giving the chance of position administrations which is known as a benefit. In this way, the understudies need to enlist with a presumed separation training foundation in India. It isn't promised you to get the arrangement, it relies upon your gauge, great talking aptitude, clear the position paper and so forth.


Which culture would be the right fit for you: Startup or corporate?

The apparent rivalry between the working environments of corporate and startup has emerged vigorously and for that nowadays people become unable to decide which culture is justified for them. It is more difficult for those people who have landed just in the field of work. For that, they need to know about the presumption of these two places as well as check their compatibility level with those.

Since all work in startups is produced with the help of initiatives of the individual; it makes sense only that it is considered more demanding. On the other hand, everything is considered less demanding in corporate life as the clients, as well as the managers, generate the work. Therefore, if the person is not an initiator, a corporation might be more suitable and significant choice for his or her career. In the corporation, the employee needs to solve him or her and it is the only work he or she needs to do, at the time of achieving the targets as well as objectives that have been established previously.

In the startup, flexibility is the vital thing to be incorporated as it is needed for adapting unexpected situations as well as successfully managing those at the initial stage. Alternatively, in the corporation, the employees are allocated with specific jobs in the product development or service development that are needed to be done by the specific employees. Here, the employees can perform as a team or individually and each of the tasks is stable and repetitive. A person can be able to be an expert and remove the issue of stress and volatility is he or she involves in the corporate life.

Startups are considered small business in comparison to a corporation and for that startups are very vulnerable. Each of the employees can impose a powerful impact; the failure of one employee can diminish the entire company; on the other hand, the effective performance of one employee can upgrade the business simultaneously. Contrarily, the picture of the corporation is totally different. Both the effective and ineffective performance might not get even counted in the corporation. The employees can be substituted easily. Therefore, it can be said that the work of one employee can impose an impact on the entire team in the startups' life. Contrarily, it is totally opposite in the corporate life.

The startups are quite risky as those are small business at the initial stage especially as the resource amounts are limited and for that, a person cannot expect a significant and high income. However, after getting success the income of a person will be escalated as well as his or her sense to achieve something will get higher and will be more important to him or her. On the other hand, corporations have endured a standardized income; however, it can differ as per the value of the market. If the hierarchies are seemed to be rigid it can affect the progress of a person and it can be a very slow progress. Therefore, startup culture can be justified if the person is not an initiator; otherwise, he or she should go for corporate culture.