IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University was first established in the year of 1985. In the initial stages the university offered two programmes:

  1. Diploma in Management
  2. Diploma in Distance Education

The total numbers of students were around 4,528 in the year of 1987. But it has seen changes in the recent times and total strength of the student is around 3 million. It also includes twenty one schools for studies and has a network of Sixty Seven(67) regional centres.

The main aim ofIndira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is to develop an understanding of both teaching and learning process at secondary and senior-secondary level among student teachers. It main focus is toenable student-teachers to understand theimportance of education and integrate the theory and practices so that they can engage the learners to reach their respective goals at the same time the student teachers can pursue their own goals.


Objectives of Bachelor of Education Program

The primary focus of bachelor of education program is mentioned in the below steps:

  1. To develop and understanding of education in the current Indian society.
  2. To understand the socio-political life and views of the learner and provide an education based on that context.
  3. Each class will have language diversity and it will add to the role of teaching-learning process. The instructor for the class has to create a sensitive environment in this language diverse class.
  4. An understanding needs to be developed to conceptualize the disciplinary knowledge.
  5. Identification of gender inequalities in social institution, textbook, classroom, school, etc., and overcoming this issue.
  6. A teacher as well as student should be competent enough to acquire the new learning experience.
  7. By the use of assessments and tests the student-teachers are selected and then trained.
  8. Student-Teachers should engage not only with himself, but will child, community and school. This will help the student teacher to establish close connections in different areas.
  9. The student-teacher should be enabled so as they can integrate and apply the ICT feature. This will help them in facilitating the teaching and learning process as well as school management.
  10. It is important for the student teachers to strengthen his\her professional competencies.
  11. The student-teacher should engage in all the school activities and should have a firsthand experience.