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By O.S.L.Lahari
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Updated on - May 13, 2021

Distance MBA In Hospitality Management

Hospitality is the initial step towards greeting anyone, as it resembles your respect and love towards your guest. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in building relationships between clients and companies. The Indian education system has initiated distance MBA in hospitality management to assist working professionals and fresh graduates to pursue Distance learning MBA in Hospitality Management with a continuation of their job.

Introduction To Distance MBA In Hospitality Management

Distance MBA in Hospitality Management is a post-graduate degree that assists students in starting their careers in hotels, airlines, resorts, restaurants, and hospitals as a Manager. In this course, the student learns about client handling, communication skills, interpersonal skills, relationship management, hospitality management, and Business Development.

The Course Duration Of Distance MBA In Hospitality Management

Distance MBA in Hospitality Management is a two years post-graduate degree divided into four semesters each of six months.

Admission Procedure

Admission in the distance MBA Hospitality management is made based on the marks scored by the candidate in graduation. Few universities also conduct their entrance exam. If you are looking for IGNOU distance MBA, then you need to apply for its entrance exam conducted every year.

Course Fees

The course fees of distance and online MBA in hospitality management is ?20,000 to 1,00,000 per year.

Syllabus Of Distance MBA In Hospitality Management


  1. Organizational Theory & Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Marketing Management    
  4. Customer Relationship Management
  5. Quantitative Applications in Management    
  6. Marketing Research & Report Preparation
  7. Economic Analysis    
  8. Business Environment & Law
  9. Accounting for Management    
  10. Food Science & Dietetic Management
  11. Computer Applications    
  12. Hospitality & Tourism Management
  13. Food & Beverage Management & Control    
  14. Principles of Operation Management
  15. Business Communication I    
  16. Business Communication II
  17. Behavioural Science I    
  18. Behavioural Science II


Scope Of Distance MBA In Hospitality Management

Distance learning MBA in Hospitality management offers great career opportunities to students. They get a chance to pursue a career in hospitality management, and working professionals get a chance to gain Managerial positions in their organization and increase their salary.

Sectors For Job


  • Travel Agencies
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hotel/ Resort
  • Food Craft Institute
  • Airports
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Airlines

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