Distance learning schools

Master’s degree in school counseling programs are offered at a number of universities across the country. These programs are available online, although the hands-on nature of this field may mean on-campus visits and internships. Hybrid programs are the most common. Prospective students will need at least a bachelor’s degree, along with other common admissions materials, such as recommendations and GRE scores. Once students have acquired this degree, they may then seek employment as counselors in academic settings.

Distance learning has existed for centuries through traditional mail and other creative means, but online education is still a relatively new field. Even though the technology is different, the educational mission and academic standards are the same as in traditional education: providing a quality education. Many online schools do exactly that, while others are merely degree mills or outright frauds. And of course, there’s plenty of variety in the middle.

Online college should typically cost a little less than attending a traditional college or university. If you’re looking at a particular online school, do a cost comparison with other colleges in your area.

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