General Management

The 21st era is an era of science and technology. Nowadays, competition has increased to the next level. Companies are expecting candidates to be well versed in various concepts of business before hiring them. They are expecting working professionals to deliver high returns to their organization by coordinating quickly with internal teams and business processes. Therefore candidates must be educated and skilled well enough to handle the assigned tasks effectively. Course in general management assists them in gaining knowledge about concepts that can be applied while working to increase productivity. We have shared the General Management course outline to assist you in getting complete information related to the course.

What is the general management course?

General Management course is a management course for working professionals. It helps in developing core management principles within an individual. It helps in the following ways:-

  1. It trains candidates to handle work pressures.
  2. It makes working professionals get well versed with the knowledge to increase outcomes from business meetings
  3. It boosts Leadership skills.
  4. It increases analytical skills.
  5. It helps in giving birth to the entrepreneur within you.

Required skills for an online management course

  1. Strong work ethics
  2. Leadership qualities
  3. Conversation skills
  4. Analytical skills
  5. Interpersonal skills

Duration of General Management course online

The duration of the general Management course varies from six months to twelve months.

Eligibility criteria for General management course

Candidate should be graduation pass with a minimum of 50% marks to be eligible for the General management course. Candidate should also have a minimum of three years of work experience for the course.

Who can apply for a General management course?

  • Practicing Managers
  • Working professionals
  • Team leaders
  • Functional managers
  • Business Heads
  • Entrepreneurs

The entrance exam for General management course

There is no entrance exam for the General management course. Admission in the General management course is made based on profile evaluation.

Top universities offering General management course

1. IIM Kozhikode

Program name - Professional Certificate Program in General Management

Duration - 12 months

Fees - Approximately INR 2 Lakhs

2. IIM Raipur

Program name - Executive Certificate Program in General Management

Duration - 12 months

Fees - Approximately INR 1,40,000

3. IIM Lucknow

Program name - General Management Program for Executives (GMPE)

Duration - 12 months

Fees - Approximately INR 4 Lakhs

4. IIM Calcutta

Program name - Executive program in General Management

Duration - 12 months

Fees - Approximately INR 2.7 Lakhs

Advantages of General Management course

You come to know the following things:-

  1. Learn how to manage people effectively
  2. Become an effective team player
  3. Gain a competitive edge over others
  4. Build more analytical skills
  5. Generate Entrepreneurial skills within yourself.

Career prospects post completing general Management course

  1. Branch Manager
  2. Customer service Manager
  3. Budget Analyst
  4. Regional sales manager
  5. Benefits administrator
  6. Credit Manager
  7. Contract Administrator