Here are 5 valuable lessons from the TATA Group for entrepreneurs:

1. Dream Big

It is important as an entrepreneur to be able to dream big and has big ambitions. Tata Finance Limited showed with its rapid growth and bright visage to be a one-stop financial services shop, the likes of India had never seen before.

2. To be able to do the right thing

It’s transparent, upright handling of any crisis has only enhanced the Tata brand. As a company, your response to an error committed is what helps you stand tall through the tests of principles and character.

3. Have Courage

There will be times that nobody will believe in you. Tata Motors had no dearth of naysayers who refused to believe in an Indian car and yet they built India’s first indigenous car.

4. Fall down, but always get back up

Tata Motors itself is a great example of how a company can stumble but also pulls itself up quickly. They built a new version of Indica that was a success.

5. There’s a silver lining around the dark clouds

There will always be problems and issues but how you act as a company through them will bring you closer together, and stronger.

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